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What are your priorities?

As I work on a 9-5 type of job I feel anxious everyday that I really want a bigger challenge out of my life. What are my priorities that I ask myself on a daily basis? I can’t even remember as their is a long list that is constantly changing and evolving. On top of this, I am starting to recognize that this constant thinking of multiple activities is starting to take a toll on me and my productivity. I have to focus my energies on those important tasks that will get me to achieve my goals. What are my goals you must ask? Well I will divulge all my goals and priorities for the purpose of realizing that all of this anxiety that I keep bottled up is taking a bigger toll that I never expected, and hopefully I can hold myself accountable if I do not achieve what I set out to do.


  1. Get employment relating in Finance
  2. Increasing my blog’s readability- 100-200 Readers
  3. Transfer my blog to a new hosting company
  4. Monetize my Blog
  5. Start a new side gig
  6. Take the first step in Real Estate

My Priorities:

  1. Pay Down my School Loans by 15% of amount owed.
  2. Get Organized in my home and financial world
  3. Have weekly money meetings for possible investing ideas
  4. Find a mentor- to gain better insight on how to shape my future
  5. Find time for my hobbies
  6. Start my video interviews

I will begin to take my future and my present more seriously as I feel stuck in a rut. How does one break away and actually begin achieving as many goals and priorities as possible. I get a kick when I achieve my goals and very few things make me happier. Balance is achieved in my opinion by not settling with your current life if you feel a void from within. I just want the best for my family and for my future is that too much to ask.

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